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Director Lowell Dean talks ANOTHER WOLFCOP!

A year has passed since the dark eclipse transformed hard-drinking Officer Lou Garou into the infamous lycanthrope crime-fighter. Although the evil that controlled Woodhaven were defeated, the small town is far from returning to normal. Lou’s liquor-fuelled lunar outbursts are now seriously testing his relationship with his partner Tina Walsh — the new Chief of Police. An old friend has mysteriously reappeared with a truly bizarre secret to share, and a villainous entrepreneur looking to transform the town has set up a nefarious new venture. Prepare for the next outrageous chapter of this global cult favourite that has already been identified as dirtier, hairier and more hilarious than the original… Consider yourself warned!

Writer/Director Lowell Dean explains:

WolfCop 2 will be bigger and better, or to put it more appropriately for our burgeoning franchise, “dirtier and hairier”. This sequel will continue the storyline from the first film while improving things on every front. There will be deeper character development, storytelling and mythology…more iconic visuals and cinematography…better fights…and a crazy amount of “what did I just see” moments.

My goal with this film – as with the first WolfCop – is to create a unique, immersive “comic book” world. Regardless of how absurd the material gets (and it gets quite absurd), I believe it is important to take a very serious approach to the storytelling. It is a fine line between making a homage to “B movies” and making a parody. I will tackle this film with passion and heart, with the goal of elevating the material. I will honour every silly moment as if we were making an Oscar nominated drama. I truly love the world of WolfCop and the characters than inhabit it. When the credits roll, we will have people walking out of the theatre feeling satisfied – but begging for more WolfCop.

In terms of cinematography, this film will be less static than the first. If WolfCop 1 was a mysterious origin film, this sequel is an action “on the run” film. It will have a more frantic feel thanks to more hand held shots (approximately 75% of the film will be hand held). That being said, it will not be “shaky cam” hand held like in the Bourne films, but a more graceful and unsettling handheld like the series Breaking Bad. WolfCop 2 will feature a shallower depth of field for a more focused, cinematic look. It will also continue with the high contrast and bold colours “comic book aesthetic” used in the first film.

In terms of story, WolfCop 2 will once again focus on officer Lou Garou (the “WolfCop”) and his partner Tina Walsh, who is now the Chief of police. The sequel picks up a mere month after the events of the first film, and officer Lou Garou is – somehow – even more of a screw up than before. But he’s really trying to turn things around…which is a first for him. Thanks to a couple intense encounters and Tina’s advice, our lone wolf will learn he can’t always go at it solo. Even a WolfCop needs a pack – and he’s most certainly got one in this film. One of my key goals with WolfCop 2 is to amp up the action. This will be accomplished thanks to our new villains.

Audiences will truly fear for Lou when he faces off against “Frank”, our new Terminator-esque villain that descends upon Woodhaven. Frank is our take on the Frankenstein character. His design, presence, and performance will feel iconic and familiar…but still unique. He will be a formidable, physical foe for WolfCop. The “ying” to his “yang”. Where Frank is the brawn, Sydney Swallows is the brains behind the evil menace facing Woodhaven. He is a genius villain with a sinister plot to hatch. Literally.

WolfCop 2 will also feature many “wow” moments. Whereas the first WolfCop film had two main fight scenes (the barn, the forest eclipse), WolfCop 2 will have three centrepiece action scenes: an opening vehicle chase, the showdown between WolfCop and Frank, and a final showdown at the Woodhaven hockey rink. All three will be carefully designed to help the film “feel” bigger than it actually is. In addition to these showdowns, bizarre and fantastical practical effects will be peppered through out the narrative to keep the audience on their toes.

WolfCop 2 features comedy, action, horror, great characters, a relentless story and crazy effects. I am quite excited to juggle all those elements. It is a true passion project for me – a dream born from my love for genre storytelling. The first WolfCop was a rewarding experience, and I see the sequel as a chance to give the audience the bigger and crazier film that they deserve. It is an exciting opportunity… to make a crazy Canadian film and grow our “WolfCop pack” even further.

– Lowell Dean, Director/Writer

Our review of Another WolfCop will be with you folks VERY soon!

Read our previous interview with Lowell, from back in December 2014, right HERE.

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