Cathedrals will fall, the river will run red... and THE BIRD will be SLAUGHTERED!

REVIEW: Insides

– By @TheBlueTook

‘Two women, each with a strange scar that they can’t remember getting, fall ill after suffering violent dreams involving an ominous tunnel.’

Above is IMDB’s summary for Mike Streeter’s latest horror short. A summary indeed, as there’s a lot more going on in these 19 minutes than first meets the eye.

InsidesPoster3-SuperFinalLately, we’ve had an influx of darker films taking on ballsy ambiguity and lingering, intrusive camera work, which seemed to go by the wayside for a while during the torture porn/found-footage boom. With the likes of the retro It Follows, sultry A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night and the beautiful Spring, we’ve thankfully witnessed a renaissance in thoughtful, ‘handsome horror’ (yeah, I’m copyrighting that bitch!) – a fact I’m personally delighted about. It’s always been there, just not on everyone’s radar.

Of course, Streeter’s micro-budget INSIDES doesn’t hit those heights, but that’s not to say those ballsy signs aren’t visible. Yes, we have gore – fuck, there’s even severed limbs! – but this is finely balanced with a story that doesn’t just join the dots for you, and nice touches that suggest there’s a bigger story just below its slick surface.

The director’s skill at turning a character’s nervous tap into a thing of dread and giving us dreamlike mood before twatting us with a “meat hammer” is a joy.

True, it may suffer from ‘odd-coloured-blood syndrome’ in places (the special effects ARE good though, all things considered), slight dialogue stumbles here and there, and a sound-effect misstep, but that’s easily ignored when you can happily fall into cinematographer Tim Guzman’s lasting shots of our confused, attractive leading duo, Karen Wilmer and Morgan Poferl – who do a pretty decent job with Streeter’s script – and an effective, classy soundtrack, thanks to Danny Campos and Nik O’Hara.

Give INSIDES a go. “It takes you away. It takes the YOU away.”




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