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REVIEW: Dinner

– By Kriss Pickering

Films these days just seem to get longer and longer. The last film I saw at the cinema, Suicide Squad, was 123 minutes of pure disappointment and Margot Robbie’s arse. So it comes as no surprise to me that many film buffs I know are starting to take more of an interest in “shorts”. To be honest, I too am choosing to watch more and more!

8286687_1455133632.3368_funddescriptionSo it was a pleasant surprise when one of the films I was asked to review was a new short film from writer/director Aleksandra Svetlichnaya called “Dinner”. In Dinner, we follow a beautiful young woman called Dylan (played by Svetlichnaya) as she wonders down a dark street on her way to a dinner date. Trouble is, she is harassed and accosted by a couple of nutters who are out scouting for their next victim. That’s as far as I’m going in regards the plot, as it get a little batshit crazy from here.

Dinner doesn’t fit into any one sub genre. It’s a kind of horror/action film, inter-spread with some dark, dark comedy. It doesn’t take itself seriously, and if you don’t too, then you will enjoy it even more.

dinner_screenshotAleksandra Svetlichnaya pulls triple duty in the film. As well as writing and directing, she also appears in front of the camera to play our star, Dylan. She does a great job, and her beauty really lights up what is essentially a dark film.

With this being a short (running time 12 minutes), it needs to be technically sound. Barring for the odd shot that is held for a fraction too long, the direction is excellent. Svetlichnaya has really earn’t her stripes here. The cinematography is okay, save for a few scenes that are slightly too dark, and the sound quality is what you would expect.

To sum it up, this is a good little watch. It achieves the one thing all shorts should aim for, that it leaves you thirsty for more. If I was you, I’d keep an eye on the career of Aleksandra Svetlichnaya, as if Dinner is anything to go by, she has a bright future in front of her!

– By Kriss Pickering


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