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REVIEW: Another WolfCop

– By Stephen Harper

As film fans we can discuss the subject of sequels all day long. It’s that one topic that always divides people, but when pushed we all tend to agree on a handful of the same movies that live up to its original or surpass it.

In 2014 director Lowell Dean released his comedy/horror WOLFCOP which instantly became a classic amongst genre fans. WOLFCOP did exactly what it said on the tin. This wasn’t a movie that needed any explanation, its plot revolving around a small town alcoholic cop Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) that also happens to be a werewolf.
Dean not only created a piece that was totally inspired by and paid homage to 80’s horror/trash movies, but showcased his own personal talents and weaving his own unique characters and universe.

For me personally, whether it be full on horror or comedy-tinged, the lycanthrope genre hasn’t fully delivered. The Curse Of The Werewolf, An American Werewolf In London, Dog Soldiers, The Company Of Wolves and to some degree The Monster Squad are huge standouts for me, but I’ve been extremely let down when directors have handled this material, possibly down to their use of CGI effects. I was attracted to Dean’s style of filmmaking instantly because of his nostalgic roots and his use of practical effects, which always puts a director further up the list in my book. WOLFCOP joined that esteemed group of classics because even though a totally outrageous movie, Dean didn’t lose respect one bit for the subject matter and the creature’s origins.

Fast forward to 2017 and Dean returns with his sequel ANOTHER WOLFCOP. Picking up almost instantly from the previous movie we find Lou Garou/Wolfcop continuing is unorthodox ways of capturing criminals, which is basically tearing them limb from limb. Its opening car chase sequence is just fabulous and emphasizes how much I’ve missed and love this character. Once the plot kicks in what surprised me the most was how totally fucking bonkers it was. Don’t get me wrong we’re being presented a story where a werewolf is running around dressed as a police officer and the first movie’s plot-line is crazy enough, but Dean could have easily sat back here and sailed with what was already established, but he strives forward and continues to take risks by creating something even more wacky, even more gory and even more vulgar.
We have the emergence of super villain Sydney Swallows, played brilliantly by Yannick Bisson. He’s an entrepreneur who promises to save the town of Woodhaven’s economy by pushing his signature beer Chicken Milk, which the townsfolk lap up, and creating a new super indestructible ice hockey team. Swallows creates Darkstar Brewery and Arena with the help of the creepy Mayor (Kevin Smith) in an elaborate ploy to impregnate the people with reptilian penis aliens to eventually overtake control of the town. You need to be a seriously messed up individual to come up with this stuff, but I absolutely love it.

Helping Lou is his trusty right hand woman Chief of Police Tina (Amy Matysio). What I love about Tina is she’s possibly the only normal character in the entire movie, playing straight-faced against the other array of loony individuals. Also we gain a treat as Lou’s best friend Willie Higgins (Jonathan Cherry) miraculously returns from the dead, most probably because he’s too darn good a character not to have. Cherry steals absolutely every scene in some totally gross out moments and some wickedly written dialogue that only he could deliver. Higgins’ sister Kat (Serena Miller) joins the team and is involved in a truly laugh out loud sex scene that’s not to be missed!

Performance-wise everyone is on top form, but the real performance on show is Dean’s direction which continues to show no restraint. He’s not afraid to throw everything at the screen, no matter how bizarre or outrageous, which is truly commendable in today’s industry.

This brings me to my initial question; Is ANOTHER WOLFCOP a worthy sequel? The answer clearly is a resounding YES. Make no mistake the original is far superior and so it should be, but to retread the same steps just for the sake of making a sequel would have been foolish. I can imagine a lot of fans of the original being divided on this movie, but once again I love the risks Dean is willing to take and his clear love of the genre.
I’m a huge fan of his as a director, I’m a huge fan of these characters and universe, and I for one can’t wait for WOLFCOP to return.

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