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Oscars season…again – Part II

– By Stephen Harper

Talk about a climax that could only happen in a Hollywood movie! If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’re probably the only person that’s not aware of the debacle that happened at the end of the 2017 Academy Awards. Let me briefly summarise. The biggest award of the evening that’s announced at the climax of the Oscars was given to the wrong film. Not only did the people who are in charge of guarding and handing out the correct envelopes mess up, but actor Warren Beatty got all flustered and tried to pass the buck to actress Faye Dunaway. I found the whole episode utterly hilarious. A simple procedure turned into a total fiasco, but there was a huge positive that came out of the whole situation: Moonlight pipped La La Land to the top accolade.

I spoke at length in January regarding my predictions that La La Land would walk off with all of the awards and questioned was it as great as made out? Although almost all of my predictions came true (because I’m a genius clairvoyant film reviewer) but I did fail on that one award – Best Film, or did I? It’ll always go down in history that La La Land was announced as the winner of Best Film, so I kind of succeeded, but you know I ain’t mad, in fact I’m over the moon. For Moonlight to eventually come through and be awarded as the official winner is I believe a wondrous achievement for cinema.

Moonlight is a gorgeous, beautiful film that covers many issues, raises numerous questions and has so many layers. Apparently it’s the lowest ever budget film to win best film, which is an unbelievable statement. Seen as the underdog before awards night, I didn’t honestly think it had the legs to pull it off, but I’m so happy that it did. There are some truly heartfelt moments throughout the movie that it’s about time a film such as this gets recognised on the biggest stage.

On a sad note, Arrival and Amy Adams were totally ignored. It doesn’t come as a surprise if I’m being honest, but I do feel it didn’t get the recognition it deserved. As was Lion, which is a tremendous movie. A special mention goes out to Ezra Edelman and Caroline Waterlow’s best documentary feature O.J.: Made in America, which I urge anyone who hasn’t seen it to watch immediately as its fabulous.

Speaking of Arrival, the ironic thing is it walked away with one award for best sound editing, so it can always state it’s an Oscar winner, but so can Suicide Squad as that picked up best make-up! I’m kidding, recognising these achievements from the people behind the scenes is what I like most about awards ceremonies, they thoroughly deserve it.

The downside to the Oscars and other big award ceremonies such as The BAFTA’s is that things always become political. Granted it didn’t delve too far, which after the year we’ve had I’m slightly surprised, but there’s always the innuendo’s, nods and quips towards certain figures and political leaders by the host. I’m as opinionated as anyone and worry deeply about the unstable state of the world we currently live in, but this is supposed to be a celebration of the medium of film. People don’t share the same views and that’s okay, but once you start taking the stage to talk more about your beliefs and not the project you’re being rewarded for I have a problem. There should be a rule when attending the theatre of No Weapons Allowed, No Cameras Allowed and No Religious or Political Beliefs Allowed. Let’s just celebrate film for one evening, let’s bask in escapism even if it’s just for a short period.

Apart from the apparent snubs, envelopes going astray and Moonlight taking everyone by surprise, everything else went as planned. Seen as the most farcical night in the Academy’s history, I thought it turned out to be the most enjoyable in a very long time.


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