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THE KEEP RETURNS! Crowdfunding campaign to launch in September

F. Paul Wilson’s acclaimed gothic horror novel ‘THE KEEP’ is set to return in a new format, a three-part audio mini-series, by Three Storms Productions.

The Keep tells the story of a squad of German Troops during the Second World War who, whilst occupying an ancient castle in Romania, release a terrifying being that slaughters them night after night. When the SS cannot solve the problem they must rely on an ailing Jewish professor and his daughter to unlock the secrets hidden within the walls.

Released in 1981, the novel became a New York Times Bestseller and went on to join five other novels in what is now titled ‘The Adversary Cycle’. The novel has never been out of print since being published. Author F Paul Wilson has this to say “THE KEEP was my first horror novel and I threw myself and everything else into it. I began it in 1979 when horror fiction was mostly rewrites of CARRIE and ‘SALEM’S LOT — all small-town horror. I decided to go widescreen. I’d been reading a lot of Robert Ludlum and you can see the influence of his paranoia/trust-no-one motifs weaving through the story. You might say the international thriller had a one-night stand with cosmic horror and conceived THE KEEP.

Because it occupies its own little historical Never Neverland in the Transylvania Alps on the eve of WWII, THE KEEP doesn’t date. It’s held up very nicely through the decades. First published in 1981, it’s never been out of print and is generally considered a classic of the genre. Who can ask for more?”

In 1983 the novel was adapted into a motion picture directed by Michael Mann and released through Paramount Pictures. Unfortunately the movie strayed too far from the source material and was a disappointment to not only fans of the novel but F Paul Wilson himself.

Three Storms Productions’ producing team Dan Lacey, Grant Charlesworth and Mark Ruthven will deliver a fully licensed, faithful adaptation of ‘The Keep’ which is fully endorsed by the author. This will be achieved as a full cast audio drama, with an original score and boasting immersive sound design that will transport the listener on a journey of horror and mystery.

The mini-series has been adapted and written by Dan Lacey. Dan has previous experience writing for the audio format, having previously penned episode 2, ‘Osirian Enemy’, of Osiris, a science fiction audio drama released by Everybody Else Productions in 2014. This is the holy grail of adaptations for producer Dan Lacey, who, after securing the license to adapt the material, had this to say: “Adapting The Keep is a true labour of love, it is my favourite novel by my favourite author. I owe it to Paul and his fans to bring them a truly faithful adaptation.” Dan is eager to point out that fans can follow their progress on social media sites Facebook, Twitter and the campaign page itself for future announcements regarding casting, director and sound designer. Dan said “There will be a lot of announcements in the foreseeable future. We hope all of them will excite our fans and supporters”.

Producer Grant Charlesworth who has previous experience in writing and directing short films is pleased that fans and F. Paul Wilson himself will finally have a faithful representation of the classic novel. “I’m really pleased that we will be able to deliver an authentic companion piece to Paul’s brilliant novel. I think it’s about time someone was able to do his work justice”. Grant’s previous credits include Platform 13, Con Affetto and Tomorrow.

Damien May alongside Matthew Dow Smith will be providing original artwork for the production. Matthew is a comic book artist who, not only has drawn on titles such as Batman, X Files: Origins, Doctor Who and October Girl, but also illustrated the graphic novel adaptation of The Keep. Damien has collaborated with Big Finish on several of their Doctor Who audio dramas. He is also responsible for the artwork at Showmasters London Film and Comic Con events.

The creative team will utilise the global crowd funding platform that is Indiegogo to fund this exciting and terrifying adaptation. Fans and newcomers alike will be able to donate funds to the project in return for the mini-series, posters, autographs and even an opportunity for a cameo role in the production. Indiegogo is a flexible crowdfunding platform that allows people from all over the world the opportunity to either build or donate and support a variety of different projects. More than 275,000 projects have been launched through Indiegogo and there over 7,000 active campaigns at any given time. Producer Mark Ruthven said “We have chosen the Indiegogo platform in order to reach the widest audience possible, every donation will make a difference and our rewards are excellent.”

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for F. Paul Wilson’s The Keep will launch on the 15th September and will run for 40 days.

BREAKING NEWS! They have also cast Robert Whitelock as Major Kaempffer. Rob’s other credits include Hercules, The Bank Job and Alpha Papa.

You can find more information via the following link:

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  • This is going to be amazing when done, been waiting since the 80s for someone to do it justice, thanks guys for making this real

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