Cathedrals will fall, the river will run red... and THE BIRD will be SLAUGHTERED!

INTERVIEW: Jack & Laura – Ghost Hunters

I don’t believe in ghosts. Huge internal debate aside, I always wonder to myself ‘If they DO exist, why do they only show themselves to small numbers of people, why not sports stadiums full to the rafters’. I’m so certain that they don’t exist that I’m SHIT-SCARED of the dark, strange noises when I’m alone, basically anything ghost related. Yes Slaughtered Birdy readers, I’m what’s commonly known in the North of England as a ‘shithouse’.

Jack and Laura are two teenage ghost hunters from South Wales, UK. The pair have been filming episodes for their series since 2010. In 2012, they decided to take a break after their episode at Bullimore House. In September 2013, they announced a relaunch. A brand new episode at The Shire Hall is due out March 2014.


So, Jack & Laura, tell us a bit about yourselves.

Jack: We’re two teenagers from South Wales. We both met in school. This girl was being a bitch to Laura, and I tried defending her but then Laura was a bitch to me.
Laura: He came across weird. Seven years later, I’m studying a History degree at University and Jack is a TV editor.

How did this all come about? It’s pretty whacky shit, what possessed you?!

Jack: A demon. No, we were talking one day about ghostly stuff and we realised we both liked the idea of the possibility of ghosts.
Laura: We both like the same thing. We’ve seen it on TV and we thought we wanted to do the same thing and see what happened.
Jack: You can imagine in school we were pretty weird. Everyone was getting drunk and we were going ghost hunting.

j&lYou guys seem a hell of a lot cooler than Derek fuckin’ Acorah – what’s your stance on ‘psychic’ mediums and these shows which create ZERO tension? Who inspires you?

Jack: Oh no. It’s bad to say but it was shows like Most Haunted that inspired us to start filming. We wanted to see if we could get what they got.

Laura: I quite like Ghost Adventurers, too.

Jack: Whereas I don’t. I find it all too staged and American. I’m not one hundred percent sure on what to think on psychics myself. However, I recently uploaded a blog post about my views on psychics on our website –

Tell us a bit about ‘Flump Productions’?

Jack: Flump Productions began from comedy sketch show videos I made with someone called Sarah – who is in the up coming episode – and was called ‘The Flump Club Sketch Show.’ I met Sarah on a college course for creative media, and we decided to make comedy videos because we had the same type of humour and we were both training in filming and editing. In July last year, I got a job as an apprentice for a TV company, so we decided it would be a good idea to see about starting a production company up ourselves. At the minute it’s going pretty slow, because Sarah is busy with studies and I’m busy with work. We’re just producing these up coming episodes for our series at the moment to build up a bit of a portfolio.

OK, very important question this: Who would win in a fight between Rick Moranis (possessed ‘Ghostbusters’ version) and Rick Moranis (tooled-up ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids) version?

Laura: Who the hell is Rick Moranis?!

Jack: Britney Spears.

With this type of show, I think the main thing people want to know is ‘Have you ever seen/heard/caught anything on camera?’ Without spoiling your show, tell us a bit about it…

Laura: Yes, we have caught quite a few things on camera. At our episode in Bullimore House, Jack and another investigator were in the house alone by night. They ask out and something gets thrown. There was no one else around and myself and our final investigator were outside.

Jack: It was so loud and scary it was horrible, but we were just all amazed that we got it. At The Shire Hall, the up coming episode, we are downstairs at one point in the cells and we heard something really scary above us. We were the only people in the building for sure, as we rented it for the night.

Laura: Also, this week we discovered a face of a man in our Bullimore House episode. We’ve posted that on our website, too –

Jack: We’ve also heard knocks, bangs and whispers. Most of the sounds we hear are always discovered in the edit. We always get really annoyed that we missed it at the time.

Laura: The good thing about our series is that nothing is faked. Everything you see or everything you hear is real. Sometimes, we may hear stuff and you don’t, or someone at home may hear stuff and we don’t. We never fake anything and we never would.

Jack: That’s true. You could watch an episode and see nothing at all. Such fun!

Your next episode will be with us in March this year, where you travel to Shire Hall – how many episodes have you done in total and where can people find them?

Laura: Well, technically we have done 9 episodes in total, but series 1 got deleted because it was shit.

Jack: Literally. The episodes were edited so bad, the camera work was awful, the sound was awful, the whole thing was bad. We had no idea at all what we were doing. At the time we thought it was great, now we just realise how bad and boring it was. The episodes got better from Bullimore House, and The Shire Hall is probably one of our best yet.

Laura: You can find our episodes on our YouTube page –

Recently, films such as ‘Grave Encounters’ have proved very popular covering this type of subject, albeit ‘fiction’ – do you think j&l2these type of things help or harm what you guys are trying to do?

Jack: In a way, I think they are good, because it means the whole culture is more accepted by people and more people develop an interest in what could be. It’s becoming a thing where people don’t bat an eye at it. However, at the same time I think it can make people look even more odd than they already appear. Films sometimes show people who believe in things such as ghosts as weird and insane, which paints this picture for people like us. Plus, because everything is overly staged, people expect to see so much more from a series, but sometimes there is just nothing to see.

What are your plans for the future?

Laura: Our plans for the future are to travel to different locations over the world and to also develop and expand with the series.

Jack: TV would also be great!

Finally, plug yourselves, guys! Facebook, Twitter, séance, how can people find you?

Our Facebook page is – – here we post all of our updates!

Our Twitter is – – if you follow us you will get a nice leaf.

Our instagram is –

Our website is –

And, of course, our YouTube is – – you can watch all of our episodes!

Laura, Jack, thanks a lot for your time. This is the part where I should ask if The Slaughtered Bird can tag along on one of your adventures, but I personally haven’t got the balls! If the other fellas (Folklore Art & The Viking) HAVE got the kahunas, can they? (I’ll wait in the pub nearby)…

Yes! You are more than welcome to come, in all seriousness. It would be great for our episode, and we’re always looking for new people! Let us know about arranging it! 😉

So there you have it, folks. We’ve all been invited to quite possibly my worst nightmare, although I’m sure there’s some smashing boozers knocking about.

Oh, and teenagers haven’t heard of Rick fucking Moranis – how OLD do I feel?!


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