Cathedrals will fall, the river will run red... and THE BIRD will be SLAUGHTERED!


Halloween III (1982)

– By Tashya Campbell

Masks, dressing up and spooky Halloween tunes.

When you think of Halloween your mind turns to, what will I wear? What mask will I buy?
I need to look good for trick or treat.This was before… Continue reading


– By @TheBlueTook

Remember that really dodgy 1967 Patterson-Gimlin footage where the fella in the suit – walking like he’s nipping down to the shop for a newspaper – basically gives the cameraman a thumbs-up from inside a massive,… Continue reading

Get Out Alive

By Bryan Stumpf

Get Out Alive is the feature film debut of Northern NY State-based writer-director Clay DuMaw. The independent horror film has been available to rent or buy on since 2013, but I just acquired a rare DVD… Continue reading

The Blue Took’s: Horns

I like Alexandre Aja. He first came to my attention with High Tension/Switchblade Romance in 2003, an excellent, intense, gory horror that split viewers down the middle because of its fucked-up climax. The Hills Have Eyes remake in 2006 ALSO… Continue reading


Jordan returns to familiar territory.

Being a huge fan of Neil Jordan I was extremely excited to see ‘Byzantium’ as he was returning to the vampire genre that fitted him so well back in 1994 with ‘Interview with the Vampire’.… Continue reading

Dave Cliffe’s: Horns

“It takes a man to make a devil”, said American Congregationalist, Henry Ward Beecher. Which I think is quite fitting for Daniel Radcliffe’s venture into post-Potter territory, in that he is finally showing his true range of abilities as a… Continue reading


For their HONEYMOON, newly-wed couple Paul and Bea travel to a remote, rural cabin. Following an awkward encounter with an old acquaintance, Bea goes for a night time wander, and from here it becomes apparent that something isn’t quite… Continue reading

Slaughtered Bird Films’ BURN receives its first reviews!
Burn Slaughtered Bird Films and Dragon Egg Media’s debut film collaboration, Burn, has received its first couple of online reviews, after a preview screening at the Triple Six Horror Festival in Manchester, May 27th. Read on...
INTERVIEW: David Naughton
untitled It’s not every day you get to speak to the lead actor in possibly your favourite horror film of all time. Especially on a Tuesday. Tuesdays are usually rubbish! David Naughton should need no introduction to horror fans. Back in 1981, An American Werewolf In London had unprepared cinema goers laughing heartily one second and jumping out of their seats in terror the next. Its tale of two young American tourists coming face-to-teeth with a legendary lycanthropic beast perfectly married a genuinely funny script with razor sharp editing, groundbreaking special effects and a flawless cast to create a monster movie that is still many people’s benchmark today Read on...
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