Cathedrals will fall, the river will run red... and THE BIRD will be SLAUGHTERED!


The Orphan Killer

In my day (I’m 32, so not entirely sure when ‘my day’ was/is), even the most basic slashers had ‘plots’. That’s not to say The Orphan Killer DOESN’T, but it’s that detached and broken that it feels like it,… Continue reading


I had a bad feeling coming into this one straight away. I tried to convince myself to stop it and judge it for what it is… give them a chance… I may be wrong… I WASN’T.

Spike Lee’s remake of… Continue reading

The Upper Footage

‘UPPER’ is the very first screener that has ever been sent to us here at The Slaughtered Bird. We’re not embarrassed, we’re just finding our feet, hounding people on Twitter. Ashamedley though, I hadn’t heard of it.

It wasn’t until… Continue reading

We Are What We Are

‘Remake’ and ‘Re-imagining’ are dirty words to most film fans, myself included. Yet sometimes one comes along that just gets it right.

I could list films in either category (the ‘Shite’ list being far more extensive than the successes), but… Continue reading

You’re Next

I’ll keep this brief…

Gathered at their family home for their parents’ wedding anniversary, tensions simmer during some sporadically engaging early scenes as four siblings and their respective partners come under attack from axe-wielding, machete-waving, arrow-firing, animal-masked home invaders. As… Continue reading


Anything labelled as “a worthy successor to Shaun Of The Dead” is, in most cases, on a hiding to nothing. The smash 2004 comedy/horror had the lot and remains one of my all-time favourite films across any genre. STALLED doesn’t… Continue reading


First things first, living in the UK, I stumbled across this film accidentally. Being a low-budget project by first-time feature writers/directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, it has had zero coverage on these shores. Only by delving into the internet’s… Continue reading

Escape From Tomorrow

The ‘Walt Disney’ franchise has always been very protective over its empire, as is any other self-respecting business I suppose. Being one of the world’s biggest companies they have to be extra vigilant, as far and wide… Continue reading

Kill List

This is not so much a review as it is a brief, humble synopsis. Therefore, if you haven’t seen it, don’t read it.

I wanted to write pages and pages about this particular film because I absolutely adore it, yet,… Continue reading

The Lords Of Salem

Let’s get one thing straight from the start: I love Rob Zombie.

From his early days in White Zombie, his carnival-like album covers, concerts and music videos, right up until his 1st feature film in 2003, House Of 1000… Continue reading

INTERVIEW: David Naughton
untitled It’s not every day you get to speak to the lead actor in possibly your favourite horror film of all time. Especially on a Tuesday. Tuesdays are usually rubbish! David Naughton should need no introduction to horror fans. Back in 1981, An American Werewolf In London had unprepared cinema goers laughing heartily one second and jumping out of their seats in terror the next. Its tale of two young American tourists coming face-to-teeth with a legendary lycanthropic beast perfectly married a genuinely funny script with razor sharp editing, groundbreaking special effects and a flawless cast to create a monster movie that is still many people’s benchmark today Read on...
untitled2 Manchester’s Triple Six Horror Film Festival announce their first special guest Richard Stanley! Plus a 35mm screening of Hardware, with a Q&A and more. The Triple Six Horror Film Festival is proud to announce that their first special guest will be the groundbreaking director Richard Stanley, who will be with them for the entire weekend. PLUS they will be showing his debut feature Hardware (1990) on 35mm, followed by a full Q&A with Richard. Read on...
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The Slaughtered Bird presents BURN!
Burn Slaughtered Bird Creations and Dragon Egg Media’s debut film collaboration, Burn, has wrapped and entered post-production. Our very own short psychological horror – directed by Judson Vaughan, creator of Pedro and the multi award-winning Soul Breaker – was filmed during February in Hertfordshire and north London, UK, over three days. Read on...